Euras 2015

euras_logo„Euras 2015“ – informational Android app. The main purpose of it was to help people to familiarize with the new currency – euro – in Lithuania before and during the transition of the currencies period. It was made very simple, so everyone could use it and find everything they needed in the app – it had a currency converter, map of locations where to exchange litas to euros for free, news feed and a lot of additional information.

Even when the transition period ended app is still being used by the users who likes to convert and see, how the prices would be if the currencies would not have been changed.



„Euras 2015“ won the first place in the competition “Mobile Euro guide” held by the Ministry of Finance and it was recognized as the best mobile guide for Lithuanians about the transition of the currencies.


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Programmer, publisher – Manvydas Šliamka

Information, design ideas – Bernardas Šliamka